Village of Waterford Snow Removal Policy

The Village of Waterford has nearly 25 centerline miles of roads in its jurisdiction.  Our snow and ice removal program is a vital public service, keeping roads safe and passable for residents, visitors, and rescue vehicles during winter storms. 

Snow removal is a large task when winter storms are active. Variations in weather conditions, time, temperature, moisture content and snow rates all affect the time it takes to clear streets during and after a storm. Techniques working in one storm may not be effective for the next storm. 

Our plow operators face multiple hazards and obstacles during every winter storm. Parked cars, garbage cans, vehicles traveling too fast or too close to the plow trucks, mail boxes to close to the road, and other plow drivers and home owners operating in the street or depositing their snow in the street.

This list of basic snow plowing procedures is not a mandatory plan of operation, but a suggested plan for managing snow removal in the Village of Waterford. Each storm occasion and developing conditions require consideration of removal methods and tools for salting and plowing. 

  Basic Snow Plowing Procedures
 Type of
 Amount / AccumulationProcedure
Ice Storm; Freezing RainSalt all streets before ice can adhere to roadway
Snow FlurriesTrace to 1"Will not plow. May salt/sand intersections, hills, and curves.

 1-2" May start plowing. Continue to salt/sand intersections, hills, and curves.
Snow 2-5"Will plow to maintain all streets on normal plow route. Continue to salt/sand intersections, hills, and curves.
Snow 6" PlusWill continue to plow to maintain all mains for emergency vehicle travel. (Plow operators may be directed to clear paths for emergency vehicles.) Additional part-time operators are called in to assist.
   Snow emergency may be declared if travel is impeded. 

 NOTE: Salt may not be applied to roads when temperatures are less than 15ºF or during high winds. Sand can be applied during times of extreme cold in areas where traction is needed. 
Initial plowing procedures are to open streets to allow traffic to proceed as normal. Depending on the amount of snow, operators may plow to the curb as needed.
 Cul-de-sacs present a special challenge for our snow removal crews. Plowing in cul-de-sacs will be done to create a passable lane so residents and emergency equipment have access during the storm. When snow is pushed to the edge of the cul-de-sac, our crews will do their best not to push it into driveways. In some areas, it is nearly impossible to avoid doing so. 

Village Snow Removal Policy Helpful Hints and Reminders

  • It is unlawful to plow, shovel, or blow snow onto any Village street or public parking lot.
  • The Village of Waterford is not responsible for any damage caused to mailboxes that are not in compliance with the Village accepted US Postal Services street setback requirements. A copy of the USPS street setback is available online here. Should a mailbox pole break from the weight of snow due to rust or rot, the Village will not cover the damage. Anytime a mailbox is damaged by a Village plow truck outside of these listed circumstances, the Village will reimburse up to $100. The Director of Public Works will inspect each damage claim.
  •   The process of plowing the streets will lead to additional snow deposits at the end of driveways. Some houses located on turns or cul-de-sacs will receive more snow deposits that that of a house located on a straight section of street. It is an unfortunate side effect of plowing. 
  • Homeowner/Resident are responsible... clear the end of driveways. The Village will not clear driveways a the street interface. ensure access to mailboxes for the mail carrier. Our plow operators will plow as close to mailbox as    
           safely possible.
       ...not to place any obstacles in the streets that will prevent the operators from plowing to the street's edge (garbage and recycling containers should be placed in the driveway.)
  • For safety's sake, do not allow children to build snow forts or play on snow banks at the edge of the street or in the center of cul-de-sacs.
  • The Director of Public Works can issue a snow emergency when a snow storm is expected for an extended duration or when snow has fallen and must be removed. Village residents will be notified of the snow emergency through email, text messaging, Village website and Facebook page, and local media channels. Vehicles not removed from the street during a snow emergency will be ticketed and may be towed. When a snow emergency concludes, the same channels of notification will be utilized. Visit for more information.
  • Downtown snow removal will depend on the expected temperature changes and the amount of snowfall. The Village is committed to a vibrant business community and wants businesses accessible to residents and visitors.