Fox River

The Fox River
The Fox River winds through the center of the Village from north to south and is considered by many to be the Village's most valuable yet under-appreciated natural resource. Public access to the river can be found at River Bend Park, Safety Building Park, Ten Club Park, Village Hall Park and Whitford Park.

Recognizing the value of the Fox River for recreation, economic development, and quality of life for residents and visitors, the Village of Waterford is working on a number of projects to improve access and enhance the use of the river while ensuring conservation and protection of this wonderful natural resource, including a concept plan for the Riverfront and Ten Club Park, Whitford Park Streambank Stabilization Project, Canoe/Kayak launches through a Stewardship Grant. Many things affect the river including decisions made by other groups such as the Fox River Commission (SEWFRC), Waterford Waterways Management District (WWMD), the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and Racine County Farm Drainage District.
To the north, travelers will encounter the 1800-acre Lake Tichigan above the Waterford Dam. The River continues south into Illinois.  Fishing and boating are the two primary recreational activities, with fishing from the dam and riverbank and the two boat launches north of the dam to accommodate boaters.  
Aerial view of the Fox River through downtown Village of Wateford

Public Boat Launch

Public Boat Launch at Huening Park, North River Street opens for the season on April 1 and closes October 30.
The launch is open daily from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm