Racine County Drainage District

Racine County Board of Drainage Commissioners currently has five districts under its jurisdiction. There are approximately 3,050 parcels of land within the five districts. All of the Districts were formed in the early 1900s as autonomous districts and boards. In 1993, the Wisconsin legislature enacted a statute which placed all districts within Racine County under the jurisdiction of Racine County Board of Drainage Commissioners (RCBDC).Farm #1 Waterford Drainage District includes portions of the Towns of Waterford and Norway and Village of Waterford.

"Drainage districts have major impacts on land use, and on individual land owners. The county drainage board must exercise its considerable power according to the law, and with due regard to the rights and interests of those affected.

Legislation under ch. 88, Wis.Stats., provides extensive authorities and responsibilities to county drainage boards. The county drainage board assists the county circuit court in creating drainage districts. After a drainage district is created, the county drainage board is responsible for:
  • operating and maintaining district drains and dams within district drains;
  • levying assessments against landowners who benefit from the drainage provided;
  • awarding damages, as appropriate, to landowners injured by the construction and maintenance of district dams;
  • inspecting the district drains and corridors;
  • making or recommending modifications to a drainage district; and
  • resolving drainage disputes, subject to applicable law."    
                                          from County Drainage Board Handbook

Drainage Districts Information

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Drainage District Commissioners

  1. c/o Knuteson, Hinkston & Quinn, S.C.
    500 College Avenue
    Racine, WI 53403

    Alvin R. Wilks, Chair
    Alan Jasperson, Sec/Treas
    Gregory H. Foat, Member
    John Vyvyan, Member
    Russell Weis, Member
    Todd.Boehne, State Drainage Engineer
    Fred Koeller -- Village of Waterford Attendee