Fire Safety and Prevention

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Village of Waterford municipal code states that no building permit will be issued for improvements to single or two-family dwellings unless functional smoke detectors have been installed or will be installed within 30 days. Smoke detectors shall be installed in the basement, at the head of any stairway on each floor level, and either in each sleeping area or within six feet of each sleeping area. See the Village Ordinance Code for details.
Smoke Alarm Information  or  Smoke Alarms for Hearing Impaired
Carbon Monoxide Information
What are your plans for escaping a fire in your home? Escape Planning Tip Sheet
Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and injuries. Cooking Safety Tip Sheet
Safety Tips for Home Heating
Mood Lighting can destroy your home - Careful Candle Use
Prevent Electrical Fires
Dangers of 9-Volt Batteries
Clothes Dryer Safety
Our Favorite Kitchen Timesaver - Microwave ovens can cause fires
Is your kitchen safe? Consider Home Improvements to prevent kitchen fires.

Fire Safety & Inspection Education