Animal Control

Animal Intake Regulations

Stray dogs are taken to a holding facility at 801 Ela Avenue. If you are a dog owner, this information will be helpful to you if your dog is loose and picked up by law enforcement.

Dog Intake

Attempt to determine dog's owner through current license or microchip scan and owner is contacted.
If no owner is identified, Wisconsin Human Society(WHS) is contacted to arrange pick-up and the cost charged by WHS will be invoiced to the pet owner. Unpaid invoices may be applied as a special charge on the owner's property taxes as allowed by state law or collected by any other means as allowed by law. 

Discharge to Owner

Owner or designee has 10 days from discharge of the animal to provide proof of licensure and rabies vaccination. Documentation can be brought to Village Hall during regular business hours -- Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.
If, after 10 days from date of discharge, documentation  has not provided, a citation is issued to the dog owner.

Costs to Owner

 An invoice from the Treasurer may include the following costs:
  • $25/day boarding fee
  • $50 impound fee
  • $35 rabies prepayment (will be refunded or canceled if proof of vaccination is provided within 10 days of reclaim)
  • $100 after hours emergency call for pick-ups or releases that occur between 4:00 pm-7:00 am Monday-Friday, weekends, and holidays.
  • $50 repeat intakes for each occurrence in a rolling 12 month period

If payment is not received within 30 days of invoice date, amount may be charged as  special charge on the property of the owner pursuant to Wis. Stats §66.0627, or may be collected pursuant to any other method allowed by law. 
Citations beginning at $92.50 will be issued if you fail to provide proof of licensure and rabies vaccination within 10 days.

Animals in Village Parks

Dogs are prohibited in all Village Parks, including for events such as River Rhythms. The Jean Jacobson Dog Park is now open at Case Eagle Park in Rochester. The 2.5 acre dog park is enclosed so pets can be released from leash.

Feral Cats

Alternatives to Cat Intake Poster


  Trap - Neuter - Release

A service through which free-roaming cats are humanely trapped, altered, and returned to the outdoor locations where they were found.


   Return to Field

An alternative to euthanasia for healthy stray cats who would otherwise not make suitable companions due to behavior. Cats are altered and returned to the locations where they were found.

Trap & Remove

 The practice of humanely trapping free-roaming cats fro euthanasia, which results in a resource rich environment that other cats will soon occupy. 

Benefits of TNR/RTF

Prevents future litters.
 Provides a live outcome for non-companion cats.
 Provides natural competition for resources which prevents larger litters from other cats. 
    Wisconsin Humane Society  

Feral Cat Ordinance

The Village Board has adopted Ordinance No. 646: Amending Several Sections of Chapter 87, Animals, of the Code of the Village of Waterford to Prohibit the Feeding of Feral Cats and to Adopt a Return to Field Policy for Feral Cats