Licenses & Permits

Every dog in the Village of Waterford over the age of five months by December 31st must be licensed. The license year is January through December. License registration requires certificate of rabies vaccination. Licenses should be purchased on or before March 31, at the Village Hall.
  • Neutered Male, Spayed Female - $10
  • Unneutered Male Dog / Unspayed Female Dog - $15
  • $5 Late Charge after March 31
  • Pet ownership in the Village of Waterford is restricted to three cats or dogs or combination thereof. 

Fee Schedule

Please read our Fee Schedule (PDF) online.

Alcohol & Entertainment Permits

Please visit to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue's alcohol forms page for the appropriate forms when applying for your Liquor and/or Tobacco License.

For information regarding your retail licensing establishment visit Wisconsin Department of Revenue's alcohol licensing page.
Listed below are a few other Village forms you may need when applying for your Liquor License.  


Operator's Permit (Bartenders)

To apply for an Operator's Permit (Bartender) complete the form below and return to the Village Hall along with your Responsible Beverage Server Training Course Certificate from any DOR approved agency

Conditional Use and Board of Appeals & Rezoning Petition

Municipal Permits